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Maybe that actually worked
personalbubble wrote in singularitylogs
who ; Violet Parr (personalbubble), Logan (littlest_xman)
what ; Violet goes to meet Charles, collector of strays; Logan is not Charles?
where ; Mutanthaus, R-Zone 03
when ; a day after Violet's intro and before Charle's trimuphant... dignified... ahe return
warning(s) ; little lost duckling syndrome?

The family rules for being lost in strange places were pretty straightforward. First and foremost, avoid evil geniuses, their minions, and any shadowy castles perched on the jagged peak of a barren mountain. This one she had straight; Violet was pretty sure that Residential Zone 03 did not count as 'the jagged peak of a barren mountain,' so visiting the professor that lived in the zone did not technically violate rule one.

(Long as he remained a professor and not a genius, at least.)

Second, blend in and act normal. This one she'd flubbed pretty good, but since so many people on Sacrosanct had special abilities, she figured that she could avoid a solid grounding if her mom found out. Dad wouldn't care; he'd probably secretly give her a thumbs up before doing the 'parent' thing and grounding her for a week because she'd used her powers.

(Because if Mom found out he'd approved of it, then he'd be even worse trouble than a grounding.)

Either way, it wasn't like she'd done anything noticeable like Dash would've. Violet had kept it strictly to invisibility, tucking her wearable into her boot so that the strange material of her suit would hide it as she made her way. She'd paused a few times to check where she was, to make sure she was on track to see this Charles Xavier that everyone told her to see. It sounded like he knew what was going on, and maybe he could help her out.

Violet made it there without breaking any other cardinal rule, except for maybe breaking and entering. The door wasn't locked, though, so she didn't really break, just enter. She made sure to be invisible as she pushed the door open and squeezed in - then shut it behind her to keep the cold out.

Then she started to look around. It occurred to her that she didn't know what he looked like, but how many people could there be. Hopefully not many, because she was nervous enough about meeting one more person after her adventures on the network the day before.

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Well, this was interesting.

He'd been prowling the mansion restlessly for days. With Kurt and the Professor gone, it marked the last of the X-Men, gone without a trace. He'd done everything he'd done when Hank and Alex had gone missing - checked the network, checked the grounds, tracked their freshest trails and followed up on any potential leads.


There was really no point to sticking around the empty mansion, not any more, but Logan was nothing if not loyal, and besides that...

...He didn't know what else to do.

It was easier not to think about it, not to let himself, because after all, Magneto was still prowling around out there, and he owed it to Chuck to look after the house, to keep his things and his secrets safe.

Just in case.

There'd been nothing in the entire time he'd been guarding the place, until now. He smelled her and was reminded immediately of Rogue - it wasn't her, of course, but the scent was similar enough to make him straighten up, every nerve suddenly on alert.

She was moving towards the front door, and he positioned himself among the shadows in the hall, hands already curling into loose fists just in case she was more of a threat than a normal teenage girl could pose.

Except that the door opened and closed on its own, and Logan found himself staring in bewilderment, following the invisible girl with his eyes as her scent - and, now, sound - moved down the hall. She's definitely there, definitely a mutant or something like it, and he steps out of the shadows as she passes and moves after her on soundless feet, keeping his movements as smooth and silent as possible, focused entirely on tracking her.

The Super Relocation Program had always ensured that her family had nice homes to move into whenever dad had one of his "oops" days at the office, during the commute, or whenever he went went out in public without mom. All those homes, though, had nothing on this place. It was very... cool.

And empty.

Violet thought about dropping her invisibility, but held off as she walked down the hall. Sure, she had her mask on to protect her identity, but her ability gave her an added layer of comfort.

The only problem with staying out of sight was that she would be out of mind - rather, out of notice. She would have to find Mr. Xavier on her own and make first contact, so where to start.

She bit her lip, then let out a sigh and turned around, deciding that maybe she could start by--


There was a man behind her! An ominous-looking one with fists! An evil minion!!

Violet did not register much beyond that, too busy dropping her invisibility to instinctively bubble up a shield around her. She managed a squeak in the process, coming out as a little less coherent than: "Whoareyou?"


The problem with following an invisible person was that he got no warning when she decided to turn around. His first hint that he'd been found out was the shrieking.

Logan flinched at the noise, still smelling and listening and staring just in case he could get a look - and there it was. The girl who suddenly appeared before him looked just about the age he'd estimated, and he raised his hands up in a placating gesture, trying to look non-ominous.

"Hey, hey, kid, it's okay." He stared at the girl. She was obviously a mutant, but she didn't look any more familiar than she smelled, and he studied the bubble around her with curiosity, though he was too smart to try to reach out and touch it.

He gave her a nod, still doing his best to remain as non-threatening as possible. "My name's Logan." And then he seemed to remember just who was the intruder here. He narrowed his eyes a bit (so much for non-threatening) and added, "Who are you?"

Violet stared. And stared. And staaaaaaaaaaared with wide-eyes for a least a minute before she realised that, being visible, he could see here even if she did not move.

Once that kicked in, she caught up with her hearing, registering the name.

Whoa, whoa, whooaaa! No one had mentioned anything about a Logan to her. Sure, Violet knew all there was to know about alter-egos, but who would have a professor alter-ego? Well, one that wasn't Professor Amazing. Besides, the guy standing just beyond her bubble did not look like a professor, teacher, or anything that her mother would call respectable.

On those grounds, the terror in her expression downgraded to doubt, but she held her position more because she had no clue if the field would move with her. Trying that out with a -- now he was squinting at her; she swallowed nervously -- stranger right in front of her really wasn't high on her list of things to do today.

"You really don't look like a professor," she tried doubtfully, squinting back at him as she gained a bit of composure within the safety of her bubble. Her voice reflected a portion back at her, a hollow echo that she was familiar with. "But, someone told me that a professor lived here, so what are you doing here?"

Rule number... well, the rules didn't actually have numbers anywhere but in her head, but Violet was still proud that she complied with it. Never, ever give your normal name. Meaning that she tried to deflect the conversation, because she actually did not have a Super name to give.

She stared so long that Logan started to fidget. He was just about to open his mouth and ask if she was all right when her expression finally changed and she spoke. Well. That explained a lot.

"The Professor...ain't here anymore," he said at last, not without some degree of difficulty. It had been a shock to come back to find both him and Kurt gone, and Logan was still furious with himself for somehow managing to lose every last one of the X-men here. He'd never thought that Xavier would disappear, too, even if all of the others did.

But the girl was still staring up at him, and he met her eyes, trying to look kind and understanding.


"I'm looking after the place for him," he explained, and tilted his head, curious. "Who told you to come here?"

Trying, being such an operative word, could not quite capture how that expression came across to Violet. Mild indigestion, maybe? Like evolution did not intend his expression to pass beyond fierce, intimidating, or violent, amnesia-induced rage.

Despite that, she continued to examine him, pretty sure that someone really dangerous to her would have attacked by now, regardless of the forcefield.

Besides, he sounded... not happy, when he talked about the Professor. Like he had to pass something difficult - dad called it gas, but this gas didn't give him relief to let it out. She frowned, almost concerned -- Whoa.

Violet edged sideways a step, cautiously holding out a hand towards to wall of her field. It flickered and then dropped at her willing. Maybe he wasn't dangerous in the way that he looked, kind of like how her dad wasn't all that dangerous unless you were a bad guy.

"So, he'll be back?" she asked, gripping her arm with the opposite hand, a less defensive posture, but still safe. "Because a whooooole lotta people told me I should see him."

Logan was relieved when she dropped the bubble - it was obviously some sort of defensive thing, and if she was willing to let it go, well, at least that meant she wasn't terrified of him. He was careful not to move forward at all when she did, though, still very aware of how threatening he could look.

A flicker of unhappiness crossed his face at her question, and he frowned, glancing down at her.

"He might," he said slowly. "But he might not. It's hard to say, in this place."

He paused, thinking for a moment, and when he spoke again his voice was much gentler.

"You here all alone?"

The suggestion that this evil professor might never return poked a hole in her bubble, because that really had been her best course of action in a place this large and foreign. Violet is Not Happy about this development, though dejected would be the more common term for how she looks in the aftermath.

"Yeah," she offered, delving into full-on mope mode now. Her shoulders slumped and her breath devolved into one big sigh.

Then, Violet remembered that she is practically an adult now. That, more than anything, made her straighten up and attempt her best Serious Adult Issues face.

"I mean," she started, awkwardly trying to sound okay - maybe even self assured. "I haven't run into anyone I know yet, but this is a big place."

Logan was a bit too sharp to fall for that. He noticed as her face fell and her shoulders sagged, and he shifted awkwardly, not sure what to do. Rogue aside, offering comfort to lonely teenagers still wasn't something he'd consider his strong suit.

It turned out to be just as well, because she straightened up a moment later, obviously putting on her brave face, and Logan nodded solemnly.

"Real big place," he agreed, and paused, trying to figure out the best way to continue. It would be all too easy to scare her off, and if he managed that, trying to convince her to come back without scaring her even more probably wouldn't be much of an option.

"Think the Professor left some cookies in the pantry," he said, finally. "What do you say we open them up and check the network, see if we can find anyone you know?"

Violet would never admit it, but he hit the mark with his offer and she brightened a few shades off the uncertain murkiness that had been dogging her steps. Cookies would be food - not that she hadn't been eating, but sugar blotted out all contenders on the hierarchy of food.

Again, she tried to sound suave about it when she spoke up. "Yeah, maybe that's a start," she agreed, tucking some stray hairs behind her ear.

She hesitated, not really knowing where to go. "Uh, Logan, right?" she tried instead. "Is that a... Mr. Logan? Or just Logan?"

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