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northborn wrote in singularitylogs
who ; Open to everyone
what ; Eric's Halloween party
where ; The End of Line club
when ; After dark on Oct 31st.
warning(s) ; This is a group log, so ratings and warnings will vary by thread.

So, something about a Halloween Party. Eric Northman's extended an open invitation to the station to attend. The club itself remains mostly untouched, but with some minor decorations and festive additions to the menu. The club still sports the neon lights, clean metal, and soft leather seats, but how about that bubbling neon blue cauldron there?

Since Eric had joined in his partnership he's made a change and an addition or two. The Dance floor now sports two shiny new poles to encourage dancers. The VIP floor-- the upper floor of the club, open by invite --now has dimmer lighting to suit his eyes. The rest of the club remains mostly the same.

Drinks can be obtained at the Bar, the clean, semi-circular island at the back of the club. For the purpose of the event, catering tables have been set up in spots along the back wall and the outside of the club has been decorated and opened up to welcome those who might be too large to fit inside without use of a holomatter. For those who would like some privacy or just plain would rather enjoy relaxing, there are plenty of lounge spots around the club, including seating around the dance floor.

One stipulation. If they want to party, guests will check in and leave whatever weapons they're carrying at the Weapon and coat check. Nothing like bloodshed to ruin a party.

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So, all he knows is how to walk backwards to the beat, but that's not gonna stop him from almost crashing into trading moves with a force of nature like herself.

Oh shit, somebody was getting all up in her mage grill puttin' out moves like it would never go out of style. The Champion had to put the man out of business, lest he think to usurp the dancing throne.

Hawke seized Clu by the hand and tried to spin him, too drunk to care about height logistics.

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What in the--why are they, how did--oh. Okay, he can roll with this. Or, well, spin with it. Kinda. Except he comes to a stop at the end of her arm and now they're kind of wrapped together because one or both of them had no idea they were supposed to let go?

Right on. Awkward box-step is a go, man.

Except being stuck flush up with a strange man prompted an entirely different step cue for her, and when he did one thing Hawke thought she should do an entirely different thing. For a moment they were on the verge of disaster, but her addled head caught on to what he was doing and agreed that faceplanting on the dance floor was not a palatable idea.

Thus did Marian twist in her cheap-o knight's armor with the templar symbol scribbled on as an afterthought to clutch the usurper, and then did she resolve to dance until they did drop.

So then they're very narrowly not wiped out, but she takes it in good stride, and sure, let's do that. Groovy! He can lead or follow; the patterns are neat reversals of each other, and since she started it, the lady gets to pick.

He was pretty sure that was in the handbook under When Your Dance Partner is Wearing Armor. And, hey, if not? He had a few more moves where those came from.

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