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You Look Pretty Low... Very Handsome Awkward [Open]
(Alt Mode) Stalker
namesnotprowl wrote in singularitylogs
who ; Barricade and YOU!
what ; Barricade is chilling out as a car in public, observing all of you like a complete creeper.
where ; Residential Zone 01 - Kurzweil
when ; Now-ish
warning(s) ; None yet? Will be added as required.
note ; Can do prose or [action tag], whichever you prefer. Your character is welcome to identify the Decepticon logo on his shield if they'd have a logical reason to know it. If he talks to anyone that doesn't, he'll generate his holoform somewhere in the area and play like he's talking through the walkie-talkie/speaker system set up in his cab.

There is a police car, sitting out in the middle of the street in Kurzweil. It's big and beefy and pretty much looks like a Mustang that decided it really wanted to go into law enforcement. The paint is a little dinged up (scratches here and there, and every once in a while a tan smear on the black, like some other vehicle repeatedly ran into it), and its shield and motto seem a little... off if one looks too closely and knows how they're supposed to be, but that doesn't mean anything, right? Maybe it's just those Californians being wacky; that's where the license plates say it's from.

Obviously it belongs to someone, too, or it would still be in the junkyard. Its owner seems to have parked it with its engine running - a steady, low growl - and its doors unlocked. Probably figured it would be fine to leave it here while investigating some of the buildings around here.

Either way, this is just a police car. Want to take a closer look?

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Considering it's a space station, police cars are not exactly the most common of occurrences (but neither are sentient space ships, for what it's worth) so the TARDIS is, of course, curious. Her holoform is out and walking about when she spots the conspicuous vehicle, and like any good scientific space and time travelling vessel, she heads over to investigate, filing away the shield and motto in her data banks as she begins walking around him, taking in every detail she can.

He realizes this is going to be conspicuous, especially with how empty this place seems, but somehow this seems like it would be less conspicuous than his base mode. Still, the presence of something human - or at least humanoid - catches his interest. He keeps an optic on her as she circles, and eventually sets up his holoform in a clothing store. His voice crackles in through his own speakers.

"Anything interesting going on with my car, ma'am?"

"It exists," she replies without hesitation, still walking the car's exterior as though she'll uncover some hidden truth. The ship tilts her head, giving the shield another once-over as she crouches beside the vehicle, reaching out a hand to touch the door. "Curious that such a thing would be on a space station, do you not agree?"

"Guess not that many people show up in the vehicles they were driving, then?" Barricade keeps still when touched, used to this routine even with a while without it. The paint is perfect, barring a few nicks, with the metal iself only exhibiting a couple dings and scratches that look fairly recent. "That's a sad thing, separatin' a person from their favorite car."

To be honest, she doesn't know. She pays that sort of thing little heed unless the new arrival somehow catches her interest. Most of her time is spent parsing through data she's gathered on Hypatia and those she knows on the station. But this was different enough she sought it out and she shrugs.

"Are cars that important, really?" she asks nonchalantly, standing and peering in through the driver's side window. "I find them to be rather primitive. They seem a pointless thing to which to grow attached."

He's not certain, himself, but being in the car whenever the portal - rift, whatever it is - opened up seemed like a logical enough explanation. Barricade would just have to leave it up to the residents if they believed it or not.

"Primitive or not, they're important t'some. Makes it easier to get around, and faster. And people don't seem to pick cars they find ugly or unreliable, so they must like something about it when they choose it, eh?" Nobody's in there. Point in fact, it looks almost as though nobody's ever sat in there, with exception to a few depressions on the passenger side seat. "Besides, folks get attached to the inanimate objects they own."

The oddity does not go unnoticed and she files it away with all the rest of the data, moving around the car again, fingers trailing along the sides until she comes around to the side "Barricade" is on, tilting her head and looking toward the store.

"Aesthetic is meaningless, but functionality is important, I agree. I do not believe a vehicle will function well on a space station without a fuel source, however." Unless Earth vehicles have somehow advanced to use something other than fossil fuels, and she highly doubts they all have their own self-contained black hole like she does. "I assume then you are attached to this? Do you only sit in it?"

It takes some trying and a bit of effort, but he manages to get 'himself' to push the door open, cracking a small smile. Since the woman noticed and all...

"Oh, aesthetic's pretty important for people. Personal opinions and all. And... well. Found ways t'refuel my baby before. Sure I'll find a way to here." Earth vehicles haven't. But then, he's never been a slave to Terran fuels, and he'll just have to see about what the station can manage in the way of the fuel he does use. "I am, and I don't. Would kind of defeat the purpose of being a police officer, and all."

"Aesthetics are illogical." She frowns, watching him approach. It's one thing to take the form of other things as a defensive mechanism, as her exterior is intended to; it's something else entirely to value that appearance and it's a distinction she doesn't grasp. "I would be interested in your method of refueling, however. The engineering and chemistry involved would warrant study."

She goes quiet a moment, watching him with dark eyes, then looks back at the police car and, specifically, its unused interior. She doesn't like vehicles, but she's still a ship and she understands what goes into normal wear. "The vehicle looks used, but the interior does not. Have you recently replaced the seats?"

He chuckles and shrugs. "Not everyone is completely logical." Yes, Barricade had chosen the Saleen because it was big and tough and he'd be able to work with the thickness of the metal... and being an authority vehicle had been too good to pass up. But he'd also chosen it because by Primus was it pretty.

As soon as his holoform gets close enough, he leans back against the side, glancing in. Somebody obviously knows something about cars. Not that he's ever thought that he could stand up to close inspection anyway. "Seats replaced, panels replaced... There's not much of this car that it came with originally. My baby's seen a lot of action."

His answer rings true and she nods, not bothering to continue pushing in regards to the oddities she's noticed. Changing the desktop, as it were, isn't unheard of, and if this man takes as much pride in his vehicle as he claims, there's no reason to question his aesthetic choice to revamp the car. And despite his claim that not everyone is logical, he does appear to be.

Relaxing a little against the door, the TARDIS nods. Far more interesting to ask about his exploits, truly. "Of what sort?"

In truth, he takes a lot of pride in his car... or himself, rather. Ever last nick and scrape in his paint and every tiny dent will be dealt with before he lets the network see him.
Except for the parts of his paint that were scraped away and replaced with tan. Those he'll keep. Maybe touch up. But that's neither here nor there.

Oh, exploits. How many of those has he racked up since he hatched. But most of them he can't fully explain without breaking his cover. Bad idea, until some mech either directly identifies him in public, or he assertains that no one here will try to murder him for being what he is. This is safer. But he can mention a little. "Well, let's see. Could start with the latest..." He grins a little wider. "Would you believe me if I told you that I spent... oh, little over a year I think, in a place populated by giant robots?"

"Should I not?" she counters without hesitation, giving him a strange look. Robots were as odd to her as the sky was to humans. She was, admittedly, curious as to why a police officer would be surrounded by giant robots. "Are you from the 42nd Century? Depending on your universe, human civilisation should have come into contact with some of the universe's robotic peoples by that point."

asdlkfjlksj quit eating my tags, LJ!

"Depends. You think it sounds crazy?" he retorts smoothly, expression even, as though he wouldn't be shocked by any answer. "21st Century, actually. Just that my car and I happened to fall through a portal and land in a place full of giant robots."

She shakes her head, drumming her fingers on the hood of his car. "No, I do not. Though your universe must be different than mine that humans meet robotic beings so early in their timeline. I would like to learn more of this if possible. Can you tell me more about these robots?"

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